About Us

We are enthusiastic, creative practitioners of our profession and have shared the same career teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages all our working lives, including 17 years at the University of Exeter. David is also a professional storyteller, teacher trainer and writer.

We are highly qualified teachers. We both have the Cambridge Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Tammy has a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. All certificates can be seen on request.

We love exploring other countries and cultures. If you choose one of our Homestay courses, we will be delighted to welcome, host and guide you. You can enjoy our comfortable and typically English home in Exeter.

We are keen linguists and studied languages at university. We speak French, German and Spanish. We have both travelled and lived in different countries.

We love being outside in the open air, sharing good food with friends, listening to beautiful music, reading great books and watching films from all over the world.

We have two adult sons who live away from home .


Tammy Heathfield

Tammy Heathfield comes from Cornwall in the far southwest of England, and is very close to her Cornish roots and heritage.

She enjoys teaching creatively and putting the individual learning experience at the centre of her teaching. Throughout her 17-year career at Exeter University she was popular and much loved by her students.

She loves travelling and experiencing different cultures and has lived in France, Greece, Spain and Brunei and has made good friends in these places.

She has many hobbies, including reading, singing and playing the piano, as well as being outside walking next to the sea or swimming in it. She enjoys gardening, growing flowers and vegetables, and loves colour and fragrance. She’s a keen cook and baker.

David Heathfield


David’s YouTube Channel

David Heathfield is a storyteller, teacher of English, writer and teacher trainer. He travels all over the world, working in schools with both staff and students.

In his free time, David loves being outdoors, walking by the sea and swimming in it too! He also enjoys reading, playing the guitar and playing word games. He loves languages, travel and celebrating cultural diversity.

He has his own YouTube storytelling channel: David’s YouTube Channel

He is the author of :