Fantastic Food

Tasty ⋅ Fresh ⋅ Healthy

Tammy’s family and guests love her food! International cuisine as well as traditional British dishes are all popular in the Heathfield home. Tasty, fresh, healthy food is the most important thing.

Tammy is a baker’s great-granddaughter, so making bread and cakes is in her DNA, and something she loves to do.

She’s really looking forward to cooking or baking with you as an Activity or Optional Extra if that’s something you’d enjoy!

Tammy and David hardly ever eat meat for health and the environment, but they eat fish sometimes and are not strictly vegetarian. They are happy to offer meat dishes if you require!

Here are some examples of typical meals we can offer:

Breakfast: 8am

Choose from:
toast, tea, coffee, porridge, cereal

a traditional English breakfast occasionally
(if requested)

Lunch: 1pm

Choose from:
homemade soup and bread

poached egg on toast, salad

beans on toast, salad

Followed by yoghurt or fruit.

Tea (if we’re hungry) 4pm 

Choose from:
home-made cake, tea/coffee

Cornish cream tea (scones, jam, clotted cream, tea)

crumpets with butter and jam…I’m feeling hungry now!

Dinner: 6-7pm 

Choose from:
roasted ratatouille with couscous and grated cheese

organic chicken casserole Spanish style with chorizo and rice

baked salmon with lime, homemade paprika oven chips with tomato salsa, carrots and cavolo nero,

Followed by:
apple crumble and ice cream

Greek yoghurt, honey and walnuts

home-made chocolate brownies.

All meal times are flexible