Creative Academic English

With our creative online Academic English course you will develop all the skills you need to succeed in any academic context. 

At Heathfield Creative English Coaching we each have 17 years’ experience at the University of Exeter training students in Academic English in preparation for undergraduate and postgraduate university studies.

Whichever aspect of your academic skills you wish to focus on, we will be there to coach you towards success.

You can:

  • build your confidence and fluency in presentations and seminars.
  • learn how to take notes effectively during lectures and from written texts.
  • increase the speed and effectiveness of your reading.
  • receive coaching in the academic writing skills you need to achieve excellence and clarity in the communication of your ideas

This course is also available as a Heathfield Creative English Coaching Homestay Course

Course Fees

Our Heathfield Creative English Coaching fees include:

  • our expert teaching and guidance
  • our preparation and planning for your personalised learning course
  • our feedback on your independent learning
  • a certificate at the end of your course

Together we can agree on the frequency and the timing of the coaching sessions which will work best for you.

The fees for each 12 hour block of 6 live Zoom coaching sessions and at least 6 hours of guided independent study are:

£330 GBP for individuals

If you have friends or colleagues you wish to study with:
£230 GBP each for pairs (2 people)
£180 GBP each for groups of 3
£170 GBP each for groups of 4
£160 GBP each for groups of 5
£150 GBP each for groups of 6