What have previous students said about studying with Heathfield Creative English Coaching?


English lessons with the Heathfields are out of this world! Their lessons made me realise that education can be very fun indeed. Human words can’t describe how beautiful the lessons truly are!’

Kimaya Gurung, student, Nepal

‘I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become fluent in English. The fact that you can speak with a native speaker and also take coaching sessions with a highly qualified teacher like Tammy is fantastic.’

Percy Godoy, airline pilot, Brazil

‘I can learn English at an individual level, so it’s not tough. I really enjoy every class with Tammy and, with her guidance, I can choose what I want to study.’

Tomomi Kubo, graduate employee, Japan

‘Firstly, Tammy has an excellent ability to make people feel comfortable. I was so shy and I had no self-confidence because of my poor English ability but she heard me out and gave proper responses or reactions, which made me feel comfortable.’

KC, Civil Servant, South Korea

‘David knows how to teach English effectively and how to make students jump in with both feet. He continually developed effective teaching methods such as performing a play or telling our own traditional fairy tales which are a good way to enhance our speaking skills. My favourite part of his classes was his storytelling. He usually prepared many things like instruments or other props which made the story more interesting so we couldn’t help being absorbed into the story.

KC, Civil Servant, S Korea.

Teacher training: I needed one-to-one coaching to develop my spontaneous communication and create a set of tools to effectively use storytelling in my classroom. David is a teacher of great experience who personalises the coaching to my specific needs, so every moment of our meetings is precious.

Laura Ballesio, Primary School teacher, Italy

Teacher training: The coaching sessions have been inspiring with very tangible results. My coach acted as both a sounding board for articulating my ideas and a critical friend that helped me improve and become a better storyteller whilst consciously creating appropriate opportunities for me to achieve my professional learning objectives. The self-directed nature of the coaching and mentorship helped me make things happen in a fast and unexpected way. Thank you, coach!

Manuela Calzini, Teacher Trainer, Italy

Homestay & Coaching 

David has been for me not only a teacher of English but my host during my days in England. I found him a great teacher because he is super well prepared and above all he involves students in many activities ( music/culture/theatre ). I found this method extremely innovative and it gave me a boost to improve my use of English with a lot of fun!
He and his family are still today in my heart because I found in them not only hosts but long distance friends.

Romina Pizzamiglio, Italy

I spent three months at Tammy and David’s house as a student. They were very kind and friendly and helped me so much to improve my English knowledge. They really made me feel at home in their family from the moment I arrived. I have kept very good memories of this experience. I will keep them forever !
Thank you Tammy and David !!!

Walter Bulanti, Sales Manager, Como, Italy.

My experience in a host family with David and Tammy was unforgettable. I spent three months being one of their family, visiting new and unknown places, visiting their family and integrating from day one. Since then I consider them as my own family and we have continued to keep in contact even though I stayed with them 15 years ago now! I highly recommend anyone who wants to experience a linguistic immersion that you will never forget.

Pedro Gonzalez Guerrero, Marketing Director, Cartagena, Spain

I enjoyed David and Tammy’s hospitality for 3 weeks in Exeter and they were definitely supportive at all times. They are very helpful people who are willing to give you all the love and teach you the most during your stay. The house was very cosy and had a nice garden as well as being well connected to the beautiful city of Exeter. I fondly remember Tammy’s delicious food, especially her wonderful cakes, and David’s stories. They really made Exeter feel like a second home to me and I will be always thankful to them for that.

Lorena Torres, Student of Pharmacy, Madrid, Spain